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Honky-Tonk Friday – Kim Beggs

Friday, July 30th, 2010

It’s been awhile since we had a good honky-tonk Friday but I think Kim Beggs from the upper Yukon in the wilds of Northern Canada is a perfect artist to continue the tradition with. This song is a duet and it features Kim’s lovely voice, as well as some tearful pedal steel.

Blue Bones is the new release and you can buy it here from Kim.

Maiden Heart [Download]

Del Barber – “Love Songs For The Last Twenty”

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

I couldn’t pass up this song off the new record by Winnipeg singer-songwriter Del Barber. The song is called “Chicago” from the record Love Songs for The Last Twenty. The reason is simply that I call Chicago my home. The song (sounds a bit autobiographical) is about a guy more in love with the northern prairie winds than he is with this girl from Chicago.

I think you’ll like the whole record. Buy it here via CD Baby.

Chicago [Download]

“Home To Manitoba” video

Ditty Bops – “The Color Album” (July 12)

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

I generally like to have lots of kettles in the fire. I like to have new and exclusive songs arriving in my inbox at least on a weekly, if not daily, basis. But the summer doldrums have set in, as well as the fact that there are now so many music bloggers plying their trade. So I was happy to finally have the new song from the Ditty Bops arrive this morning. You may have heard of the Ditty Bops because of their numerous times on Grey’s Anatomy, or for the press their bike tours received, or for their support of same sex unions (they were married in 2008). But all that is a distraction from their music. Playful, old timey, swinging, circus cabaret would be an apt description.

The new song “Lemon Tree” is from an 8 track cd called The Color Album (previously on Warner the girls now are self released). You can buy the new album here. Here
s what Abby and Amanda have to say about the new record:

“Songs inspired by the colors of the rainbow, plus bonus color PINK. With everything from soothing lullabies to upbeat zesty tunes, this new colorful folk album is great for kids and grown ups. Each recycled paper CD jacket is hand-painted by The Ditty Bops,
so every cover is unique!”

Lemon Tree [Download]

Wishful Thinking video (Warner Records days)

Fay Hield – “Looking Glass” (Sept. 6)

Friday, July 16th, 2010

I honestly don’t know if there are any people following this blog who expect a post a day. I do try my best to deliver. But sometimes in the summer it’s difficult to find something I’m passionate about (or at least interested in). This traditional sounding folk song from Fay Hield fits both categories. Clearly her voice is beyond beautiful, and while this style of folk often leaves me rather blase – this song and I expect this whole album (her debut) will be an exception to the rule.

Looking Glass is out in September in the UK but it appears you can order it now from the fine Folk mailing house – Fish Records UK here.

Two Brothers [Download]

Mike Behrends – “New Feet” (Baby Animal Records, July 10)

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Here’s an update on an artist whose demo’s I reviewed back in 2008. His sound has been updated some since then with the addition of Lance Owens and Mike Grunder on various instruments. Mike Behrends‘ new record, his solo debut, is called New Feet.

“New Mexico” is a lovelorn ballad about a mythical relationship that will never happen and the dreams and plans that will be all for naught.

Buy New Feet here or here.

New Mexico [Download]

Here’s those demos I mentioned plus a couple tracks from Mike’s debut ep:

Sally Gal [Download]

If I Grew Out My Beard [Download]

Don’t You Worry About Me [Download]

Married To The Mines [Download]

Birdie Busch – “City of Brotherly Love”

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Just a quick note in between picking up my son at summer camp and delivering him to swimming lessons. I’ve always loved what I have heard from Birdie Busch (a rave here and here). As a songwriter she has been able to connect with me. And as a woman from a particular place (Philadelphia) I’ve always been impressed with how she has been able to capture that particular place in song. Although this song is “just” a cover it’s another example of how she puts here feelings for her city into song.

This song is from a little EP called Everyone Will Take You In available here.

City of Brotherly Love (via the excellent Philebrity [Download]

Ted Pitney – “Genesee EP” (ex King Wilkie)

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Ted Pitney was one of the founders of the bluegrassy collective King Wilkie. He’s just released a solo EP called Genesee. As you might expect the record is more stripped bare than a regular King Wilkie record. Instead a full range of instruments you get just one or two (or on the more rocking tracks 3 or 4); instead of rich vocal harmonies you get just the one voice. This leaves more room for the song.

On “In & Out Of Place” you get a sleepy rock song reminiscent of the early country rock of the 70′s. Images of back roads, canyons, and hilltops attach a physical location to the idea of a better life with a loved one.

Buy the EP here via CDBaby.

In and Out Of Place [Download]

Honky-Tonk Friday w/Truckstop Honeymoon – “Homemade Haircut”

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Truckstop Honeymoon continues to quietly self release some great acoustic based roots music. Their new record Homemade Haircut is out now. The title track is pretty self explanatory but it’s a bunch of fun.

Buy it here.

Homemade Haircut [Download]


Accidentally [Download]

Western Swing Thursday w/Asleep at the Wheel – “It’s A Good Day” (feat. Willie Nelson)

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

“Honky-Tonk Friday” is such a roaring success that for this week, and this week only, I’ve added “Western Swing Thursday”. Asleep at the Wheel had one of the best traditional country records of the last few years with their release Willie and the Wheel featuring Willie Nelson (here). Now they’re back but this time they are featuring the vocals of 82 year old and former Bob Wills’ GREAT Texas Playboy vocalists Leon Rausch. The new record is called It’s A Good Day and this tune features all of the above plus more Willie Nelson.

This record comes out in a couple of weeks but you can preorder it here through Amazon.

Truck Driver’s Blues [Download]

Harley Dean – “Hellbent On Loving You”

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Harely Dean is an unlikely Texas troubadour. He’s a college educated man with degrees in Biology and Animal Science. He isn’t one of those guys that sat on his Dad’s knee absorbing all kinds of Texas country music. He didn’t pick up the guitar at 3 years old and he didn’t write his first song at 12. He took a more mature approach buying his first guitar at age twenty five and getting his first gig for beer and tips shortly thereafter. He released a record in 2003 and tried the whole go-on-the-road-with-a-band-and-play-shitty-clubs-for-no-money-thing but tired of it. He’s now working on a more acoustic singer/songwriterly thing.

His new record Brighter Days was produced by Walt Wilkins (wrote about his new one yesterday!!). This song features Harley’s rich vocals and splashes of organ and pedal steel. Buy the new record here.

Hell Bent On Loving You [Download]

Walt Wilkins – “Agave”

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros have been one of the best bands out of Texas for the last few years. They don’t often get out of Texas so I’ve never seen the whole band but I was impressed by Walt’s solo stuff one year at SXSW. The band’s new record, Agave, was released recently. You can hear why the band is a favorite in beer halls and roadhouses on the track “You’ve Got a Way”. I’m told this will be on an upcoming episode of my new favorite show Friday Night Lights.

You’ve Got a Way [Download]

Paul Thorn – “Pimps and Preachers”

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Hard not to follow up this weeks post of Black Coyote’s “Of Strippers and Cowboys” with Paul Thorn’s “Pimps and Preachers”. This is a decidedly more muscular track which should come as no surprise from this former boxer turned singer-songwriter. Get the new Paul Thorn record Pimps and Preachers here.

Pimps and Preachers [Download]

Chatham County Line – “Wildwood” (Yeproc,

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

To be completely honest with you I’ve kinda given up on all the new/next wave bluegrass inspired bands except for Chatham County Line. I’m still open for some unknown up and comer to shock my system, but for now I’m bored with all the other contenders and hanger ons. Save for Chatham County Line.

The new record is on Yeproc yet again and is titled Wildwood. Here’s a song off it, as well as the Yeproc preorder page.

Out Of The Running [Download]