New music from Southeast Engine (Misra, March 29) and David Myles (New Scotland Records, Jan. 25)

I just got two pr emails that normally I would just skim and delete. But one comes from the rep for the band Southeast Engine while the other comes from Joel Plaskett and his 7″ vinyl label New Scotland Records.

In the case of Southeast Engine, this year I fell in love with a Christmas song from founder Adam Remnant and now I am am very receptive to his work with this band. In the second instance, I feel that Joel Plaskett is one of the great undersung singers/writers of our generation so anything he is involved with I am open to.

The Southeast Engine record is on the retooled Misra Records. It’s a concept album about one family’s trial and tribulations during the Great Depression in the Appalachian mountains region of the US. The music is haunting and definitely is fitting for a record that purportedly takes place almost a hundred years ago. Of course the lyrical themes are all very relevant considering the state our nation and its’ people are in.

The record is called Canary. It comes out March 29.

Ruthie (Removed by label/band request)


Christmas Song [Download]


David Myles’ song “Out Of Love” is a simpler affair. That is if you consider writing a great love song simple. Find out more info on this three song 7″ slab of vinyl over at the New Scotland Records website.

Out of Love [Download]

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