The Black Swans – “Don’t Blame The Stars” (Misra, May 31)

The new record by the Texas based band The Black Swans should be getting more attention than it has so far. Don’t Blame The Stars is the followup to a successful debut, it came out on May 31 on Misra. Perhaps one reason it is currently underappreciated is its unassuming demeanor. The songs are by and large slow weepers. As I listened I was constantly waiting for the high energy rocker. Well it never came and I’m fine with that.

“Mean Medicine” has the attitude and the guitars, but instead of barreling ahead in 4/4 time it creeps along in slow motion. Order the new record here.

Mean Medicine [Download]

There are two excellent feature pieces up on the band at Aquarium Drunkard and Muzzles of Bees.

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