Circus-gypsy indie folk from Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

Minneapolis based Lucy Michelle and the The Velvet Lapelles have three full length records to their credit. But it’s this new 3 song ep that has just introduced me to the band. Besides posts about singer-songwriters and folk artists you should know by now that I also post any gypsy/circus music I can get my hands on. This qualifies as that.

“Monsters” is an indie folk orchestrated tune with ukelele, cello and accordion. Lucy Michelle’s vocals are just the right combination of restrained coy and lustful yearning; the song really picks up at the end with her pleading vocals and swirling/building instrumentation. Lots more info at the band’s site here.

Given the bands location and style I’m not surprised that Lucy and co. are playing a bunch of shows with Jeremy Messersmith including a Nov. 19 show at Schubas in Chicago. Check `em out!

Monsters [Download]

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