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Mondo Davis – “Dear London,”

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

It’s been twenty days since my last post. But fear not, I’m still here. However I haven’t been enthusiastic enough about any new music to bother to post it here. Today I stumbled upon this song by the Atlanta based singer-songwriter Mondo Davis that made just enough of a connection to get me off my ass and post it here.

I’m traveling to London for the olympics, I met my wife in London, and my mother was born in England, so perhaps that is why the song “Dear London,” got past my defences. Here’s a download of the demo version and a link to the stream of the final draft available as part of the new digital ep Dust Bowl Refugee via Bandcamp.

Dear London, [Download]

Debut record from award winning songwriter Ed Romanoff

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

If you don’t like the songs on Ed Romanoff’s new record just know that you are in the minority and you’d better be prepared to argue your case. See, many of the songs on his debut are grand champions in various songwriting competitions. His other credential is that he has been befriended by/writes songs with/and tours with Mary Gauthier. Their music is sympatico as well. Lots of minor key stuff…filled with emotional resonance.

This song came about when Ed Romanoff took a DNA test on a lark and discovered that the man he thought was his biological father was in fact not. Here’s “St. Vincent de Paul” from the debut record from Ed Romanoff.

St. Vincent de Paul [Download]

Maggie Rogers and her debut record “The Echo”

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

I tried to avoid this debut record from Maggie Rogers. But she/it kept popping up in all my regular go-to places (Bandcamp, CD Baby, YouTube). So I took a listen. And while I am old and jaded, the songs on her record The Echo broke through my defensive shell. Maggie Rogers is an 18 year old singer songwriter who is most often found accompanied by her banjo; on record she embellishes her sound with cellos, violin, percussion, guitar, etc. The songs on the record range from stark and simple (“Kids Like Us”) to well produced and lush singles (“Creatures”).

As a fan of minimal music (or as my compatriot calls it – slowcoustic) I have linked to the song “Kids Like Us” which deals with getting older (i.e. moving into your early twenties) and features Maggie’s beautiful voice accompanied only by her banjo.

Support independent music and buy the debut record from Maggie Rogers here.

Kids Like Us [Download]