Kelly Joe Phelps – “Brother Sinner & The Whale (Black Hen Music, Aug 21)

I was about to reluctantly link to a stream of this song from the new Kelly Joe Phelps’ record Brother Sinner & The Whale. Reluctantly because I take this mp3 blog thing rather seriously and don’t like the trend of linking only to streams. It would have been hypocritical for me to link to a stream when I just decried a bunch of mp3 blogs that do just that. Anyway I was saved by Kelly Joe Phelps’ label Black Hen Records who literally just put the song “Talking To Jehovah” up as a download.

I’m no Kelly Joe Phelps expert but even I can hear a change in direction on this new record. Thematically there is a gospel element to many of these songs. It’s more Violent Femmes Hallowed Ground than Mahalia Jackson. And musically the guitar playing on this record has become simplified. Everyone knows Kelly Joe can play but on here he does more with less.

Purchase the new record here now and catch Kelly Joe at the Tree House Cafe in Bainbridge, Wa. on July 12.

Talking To Jehovah [Download]

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