New music from up and coming Boston folkie Dietrich Strause – “Annie Dear”

I never heard Bostonian Dietrich Strause’s 2011 release Laborsongs & Barkingdogs and I’m worse off for it. The album compares well to older contempories like Josh Ritter, Martin Sexton, and Ron Sexsmith. I was late to that party but I’m early to the next. You see, Dietrich has just released two songs from an upcoming album. “Annie Dear” is a beautiful song that starts out with just acoustic guitar but adds a pretty (and mournful) trumpet towards the end.

Dietrich has a show on August 18th at the Toad in Cambridge and August 22 at the Kendall Square Concert series (12 noon). You can purchase or download Dietrich’s music here.

Annie Dear [Download]

Annie Dear

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