New song from The Brendan Hines – “Small Mistakes”

I like a bunch of random people, I know. I don’t know why that is. On top of that a lot of the stuff I love doesn’t fit comfortably in any genre. Random examples include David Baerwald, Mark Eitzel, Cindy Lee Berryhill and/or bands like Soul Coughing, Southeast Engines, or Sonny and the Sunsets. The list goes on and on. One of the random artists I fell in love with a few years back was The Brendan Hines. I thought his 2007 release Good For You Know Who was one of the best records of that year. In fact one of my favorite songs from that record “Miss New York” was featured in the 2010 indie film “Happythankyoumoreplease”.

In September of this year The Brendan Hines will release the followup to Good For You Know Who. Here’s the title track to Small Mistakes. Catch Brendan Hines at his hometown LA club Hotel Cafe on Aug 12.

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