Parquet Courts remind me of New Jersey circa `89 and The Fall

It’s a strange concoction but not impossibly implausible. The band is a bunch of guys from Texas now living in Brooklyn and completly ensconced in that diy scene. The song “Borrowed Time” has that hard to describe punk ethos yet is completely melodic and catchy (despite or perhaps because of it’s herky jerky nature). If Lena Durham (of Girls fame) is looking for a song that sums up the post teen angst, time-to-grow-up and move on psyche than this song would be a good place to start.

The album Light Up Gold is officially out August 18 but you can pre-order it here now.

Borrowed Time [Download]

Here’s the video for the title track “Light Up Gold” (filled with nostalgic video of early hardcore bands and their fans)

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