Sweaty heartland rock from Nashville’s Reid Magette and the 1020s (riyl Springsteen, Cocker,)

This has been a pretty strange week for me musically. I’ve posted about a Chicago based indie rock band called The Shams and a Brooklyn based punk outfit called Parquet Courts. Now I’m off to Nashville and the high energy Springsteenesque heartland rock (sped up a bit and spit out like hardcore) of Reid Magette and the 1020s. This from a guy who runs an austensibly folk based music blog. But to understand me you’ve got to understand the Jersey scene of the late 80′s. That scene was dominated by rock groups who were reinventing the music of their past. Bands that were live groups first and foremost and recording artists as a sidenote. Bands that could play a two hour sweaty, orgiastic set of primal rock (whether they were more influenced by Springsteen or VU was irrelevant to us). Bands like The Fleshtones, Poi Dog Pondering, Smithereens, Feelies and Yo La Tengo. So I’m older but still receptive to anything along those lines.

Reif Magette and the 1020s are straddling that line like a mf. The band has just released a cassette and download of their ep Shrine Of Youth on Sturdy Girl Records out of Nashville. Here’s your first sample and a music blog exclusive.

Buy it here for 6 bucks.

Hobnobbin’ [Download]

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