Ben Rogers – “Lost Stories”

I missed the first round of critical praise that was rightfully heaped on Vancouver roots singer-songwriter Ben Rogers in 2010. My compatriots at You Crazy Dreamer, Herohill and Slowcoustic all piled on understandably. When I came across what appears to be a new album (or ep) called Lost Stories I knew I didn’t want to wait. I contacted Ben yesterday and the post is up today.

Ben Rogers is living in the past and you can hear it on this unsettling collection of murder songs and folk tales. His voice is whiskey soaked and reminds me of what a young Malcolm Holcombe must have sounded like (before his voice was savaged by cigaretts, liquor, and time). Rogers’ lyrics are poetic and contain images Leonard Cohen would be proud of (listen to “Lay It Down” on Bandcamp). I could drop a few more names (the Pogues, Tom Waits) but by now you get the drift.

More info can be found on Bandcamp

The Devil’s Crop (500 Mile Blues) [Download]

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