Exclusive mp3 from the debut record from The Stray Birds!

So here’s my followup post like I promised to the one I did on the The Stray Birds debut ep. Their new epononymous full length debut record is out now. Sharing vocal duties are Maya de Vitry and Oliver Craven; on bass is Charles Muench. On the new record Maya and Oliver take just about every other song; they also harmonize on many others. I’ve got an example of both: first Oliver singing his song “Heavy Hands” and Maya on lead vocals in the video for “Railroad Man”. Musically the band features acoustic guitar (and National Resonator), fiddle, and bass. It’s a potent combination and combined with the original songs, the variety/quality of vocals, the songwriting, and the musicianship what you get is really unique.

This is a touring band so for the next few weeks you can catch them in Ohio, Ann Arbor, Hartford, Cambridge, Providence and all points in between. They’ll be in Chicago playing the wonderful club Uncommon Ground on Clark on Sept. 30. Here’s the full schedule.

Buy the new record here, and while you’re at it pick up their debut ep as well.

Heavy Hands [Download]

“Railroad Man” video

Stray Birds – Railroad Man from Jacob Keeler on Vimeo.

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