LA based indie-folkie Frankie Palmer – “Thoroughfare”

I was pretty stoked to stumble upon the music of LA resident Frankie Palmer the other day. His 2012 debut Thoroughfare is an undiscovered gem now streaming on Soundcloud. As a music blogger it’s the type of record you hope people would email you about to write up. Instead I get emails for the worst crap you could imagine. This is a record that you would expect to be discovered and championed by someone cool like Aquarium Drunkard (can you hear me Justin?!). It’s sorta lofi jangly pop with elements of folk (acoustic guitars) and country (tasteful pedal steel, banjo). A companion EP to Thoroughfare has just been released.

Now that Bon Iver is hanging up his project perhaps there is room for another complete unknown to take his place. Please God let Frankie Palmer have recorded this in a shack by the beach in Santa Monica after a bad breakup with his girlfriend. That along with these excellent songs could just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You can buy Thoroughfare here via Bandcamp.

Wind and the Snow [Download]

From the new EP

Forgotten Nations [Download]

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