“Nebraska” tribute from the likes of Joe Pug, Strand of Oaks, Juniper Tar, and more – “Long Distance Salvation”

I was never a fan of Bruce Springsteen. He was a guy I just missed out on time wise. By the time I was music conscious he was releasing some of his more bombastic music (“Born in the USA”) and I was turned off despite the fact that that song was an unlikely anthem given its negative outlook on America. Had I heard Nebrask first things would have been different for me. Instead of loving Bruce though I found my own Springsteens, Dylans and Beatles to love in their place. Ironically a few of them are on this tribute to Nebraska titled Long Distance Salvation.

It was a hard choice what song/artist to link to as I am huge fan of Joe Pug, Strand Of Oaks, Sprit Family Reuion, David Wax and Juniper Tar. But it was the starkness of the Joe Pug rendition of “Highway Patrolman” that put me over the top. This is the Joe Pug I fell in love with a few years back. No producers fiddling with knobs, no band. Just Pug, his voice and a guitar.

This cd is a no brainer. It’s a must have. All proceeds go to ProjectBread.com. Lots more info here or check out the reviews/previews/streams here, here, here.

Highway Patrolman [Download]

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