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Songs:Illinois Christmas Mixtape (Emmy The Great, Neko Case, John Prine, Frontier Ruckus + 100 more)

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Well another year has passed and I figured this would be the year I wouldn’t post my Christmas mix but a few folks I like and others I hadn’t heard of have released some Christmas music so here we are again. As I say every year: these may be holiday songs but many of them are solid songs period – many deal with themes if lost hope, loneliness and the rigors of the holiday season. In fact several of these songs remain some of my favorites – you be the judge – check them out and see which ones resonate with you.

Dec 20 Update

I’ve got a couple more songs from this year that I’d like to share. Anna Vogelzang is a midwest based performer who I have been following off and on for a couple of years now. I like her stuff – honest and forthright — here she cover’s “Silent Night”. Carter Moulton is another in a fine line of Michigan based indie folk bedroom shut-ins. Check out his original songs on bandcamp. The Dive Poets are a St. Louis based group known for their americana ramblings…this song is from the new KDHX Christmas sampler and is a depressing take on the holiday season. And Mike Doughty needs no introduction…oh alright he’s the guy from Soul Coughing.

Silent Night [Download]
– Anna Vogelzang
Whatever You Want (For Christmas) [Download]
– Dressy Bessy
Holiday (What Do You Want?) [Download]
– Mike Doughty
Caroling [Download]
– Carter Moulton
Christmas Ain’t Never [Download]
– The Dive Poets

Nov 29 Update

Casio Song [Download]
(Live) – Damien Jurado

2012 Additions

Christmas Bells [Download]
– The Bank Cormorants (a David Childers’ joint)

Merry Christmas To The Drunks [Download]
– Ballboy

Blue Christmas [Download]
– Darren Hayman and The Wavce Pictures

Let The Snow Fall [Download]
– Andrew and the North American Grizzly

O Holy Night [Download]
– Branches

Will You Sleep Inside This Christmas [Download]
– Chris Scruggs

Go Tell It On The Mountain [Download]
– Jullie Lee

Everything else:

It’s A Wonderful Lie [Download]
– Withered Hand

Christmas Time [Download]
– Piney Gir

Christmas Day [Download]
– Jim White

We Need A Little Christmas [Download]
– Carter Moulton

Together On Christmas [Download]
– Carter Moulton

Christmas 2008 [Download]
– Steve Poltz

Santa Claus and Prison [Download]
– Steve Poltz

Shiny Red Suit [Download]
– Tim Lee

You Never Come Home For Christmas [Download]
– Caitlin Rose and Keegan Dewitt

O Holy Night [Download]
– Josh T. Pearson

Same Old New Year’s [Download]
– Ben Smith

Go Tell It On The Mountain [Download]
– Branches

All That I Want [Download]
– Vanessa Peters

Little Saint Nick [Download]
– Salvation Alley String Band

Pretty Paper [Download]
– Salvation Alley String Band

The Song The Season Brings [Download]
– Beta Radio

I’d Like You For Christmas [Download]
– Christabel and the Johns

Christmas Song [Download]
– Adam Remnant

Merry Christmas From The Family [Download]
(that morphs into “Blue Christmas” at the end) – Lindley Ruth and Her Tipsy String Band

Christmas Is Best [Download]
– Caleb Groh

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day [Download]
– Caleb Groh

Baby It’s Cold Outside [Download]
– Haunting Party

The Chipmunk Song [Download]
– Lisa Cerbone

O Come All Ye Faithful [Download]
– Branches

Silent Night [Download]
– Branches

I’ll Be Home For Christmas [Download]
– Travel By Sea

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day [Download]
– Travel By Sea

Memphis Christmas [Download]
– Star and Micey

Little Manger [Download]
– American Gun

Let It Snow [Download]
– Greater Pacific

Secret Santa [Download]
– Buffalo Killers

Whore For The Holidays [Download]
– The Davenports

Christmas Don’t Be Late [Download]
– Caleb Groh

Xmas in the Jailhouse (via Herohill [Download]
) – Ox

Whiskey Christmas – Darby O’Gill and the Little People [Download]
– Darby O’ Gill

The Holidays Are Here (And We’re Still At War) [Download]
– Brett Dennen

I Wanna Spend My Xmas Time With You [Download]
– Phil Lee

Christmastime Blues – Jaimi Shuey [Download]
(her 2007 debut release Wrong Girl is a must have!)

Bastard Brothers [Download]
– Chip Taylor

All Alone For Christmas [Download]
– Danny Barnes

Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) [Download]
– Laura Marling

Christmas In Paradise [Download]
– Mary Gauthier

Thanks for the Roses (Merry Christmas) [Download]
– Antje Duvekot

She’s Underneath the Mistletoe [Download]
– Antsy McClain

Here comes Christmas [Download]
– Bill Kelly

Crazy Cool Christmas [Download]
– Kermit Ruffins

Cold White Christmas [Download]
– Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Great Adventure [Download]
– Dan Byrk

I Want a Hippopotomus For Christmas [Download]
– Paul Vickers And Leg

Christmas Is Coming Soon [Download]
– Blitzen Trapper

Christmas Doesn’t Have To Be So Bad [Download]
– The Backsliders

Christmas Or Columbus (Andy Hong’s Kitchen) [Download]
– Drew O’Doherty

Christmas Is For Losers – Mike Nicolai

Cosy Evenings [Download]
– Dan Byrk

All I Ever Get for Christmas Is Blue [Download]
– Over The Rhine

O Holy Night [Download]
– Benji Cossa

Darling Christmas Is Coming [Download]
– Over The Rhine

The Christmas Song [Download]
– Nourallah Brothers

You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch [Download]
– Asylum Street Spankers

Christmas At The Trailer Park [Download]
– Antsy McClain

The Little Baby [Download]
– Hefner

So this Is Christmas [Download]
– ? (lost in the shuffle – extra points if you leave the answer in the comments)

Santa’s Hungover [Download]
– Santa’s Hungover

Christmas In Vermont [Download]
– Ed’s Redeeming Qualities

God Rest You Merry Gentlemen [Download]
– Hoax Funeral

Be My Valentine On Christmas – Glenna Bell

The Christmas Song [Download]
– Mark Jungers

Red Eyed Santa [Download]
– Dick Smith

Gold Front Tooth [Download]
– Dick Smith

That Was The Worst Christmas Ever [Download]
– Sufjan Stevens

I Hate Fucking Christmas [Download]
– The Rugburns (live)

Christmas Past – Mike Ireland and Holler

Christmas In London [Download]
– Krista Detour

Christmas In Prison – Emmy the Great and Lightspeed Champion

Christmas In Prison Live – Will Kimbrough

Christmas In Prison [Download]
– Cristabel and the Jons

Christmas Eve – Salim Nourallah

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear [Download]
– Laura Gibson

It’s Almost Christmas [Download]
– Chris Garneau

Just Like Christmas [Download]
– Low

Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis [Download]
– Neko Case

Christmas Island – Leon Redbone

X-Mas Song [Download]
– Fireflies

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Download]
– Rose Polenzani

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Download]
– Hem

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause – John Prine

Merry Christmas From The Family – Robert Earl Keen

Merry Christmas From The Family [Download]
– Jill Sobule

Christmas On Ward #7 – Chris Flew [Download]

Driving Home, Christmas Eve [Download]
– Frontier Ruckus

Jewish For Christmas [Download]
– Coconut and The Duke (from former blogger Duke Of Straw)

What Do You Give A Wookie For Christmas? -Savanteous Q Malmsteen [Download]

Christmas Vision [Download]
– Beau Jennings

Murder By Mistletoe [Download]
– The Felice Brothers

It Never Snows [Download]
– The Parson Red Heads

Don’t Want Another Christmas Like Last Christmas [Download]
– Gentleman Auction House

Christmas Time [Download]
– The Krayolas With Augie Meyers

Christmas Song [Download]
– Detroit Junior

It’s Christmas Time Again [Download]
– Harley Poe

RockABilly Christmas [Download]
– Michael Bishop

So Much Wine [Download]
– The Handsome Family

I’m Grateful for Christmas This Year [Download]
– Hayes Carll

Texas Tuesday – Debut record from Austin’s Mayeux & Broussard – “While The Gittin’s Good”

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

In lieu of any new music from Hayes Carll here’s the next best thing — the debut record from the Austin based band Mayeux & Broussard. This group is really the combination of two songwriters – Tate Mayeux and Brian Broussard. These guys are from Louisiana and Texas respectively and you can certainly hear the regional influences on the new record. While The Gittin’s Good is a bluesy, rockin’ americana record with just the right amount of different textures, tempos and styles.

You can pick up the new record over at Bandcamp for $7. If your’re down in Austin check your local listings to catch the band live or head over to Beale St. Tavern this Friday to check them out. Here’s one of the blues rockers from the new record…

Papa’s Pistol [Download]

New song from Philly’s Hoots & Hellmouth

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

This new song, a b-side to a single released on Bandcamp, is a slow burner that drifts in and out of phase. It’s a lot more ethereal than previous stuff I’ve heard from Hoots & Hellmouth and perhaps that’s the influence of producer Jim Roll. Either way I like it…a lot!

Off To Sea [Download]

Mice and Rifles – “Lebe Wohl In Tejas”

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

It was no surprise to see Sun Volt (along with Johnny Cash, Lead Belly, Carter Family) listed as one of Mice and Rifles biggest influences. But it was also reassuring – reassuring that bands like Sun Volt, Uncle Tupelo and even older country and blues acts like Jimmie Rogers, Carter Family and Lead Belly are not being forgotten by the younger generation of (for lack of a better term) alt-country bands. Mice and Rifles is an Austin based band who made a splash in 2007/8 but then disbanded from 2009-2011. They are back with a new EP called Lebe Wohl In Tejas and they seem better than ever. You can stream the EP here via the band’s Bandcamp page.

Catch the band at their record release show at Stubbs in Austin on December 8.

This Will Begin To Hurt [Download]

Josh Rouse demo from forthcoming record “The Happiness Waltz”

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Alright so nobody else is going to post this I guess I will. I’ve been a longtime fan of Josh Rouse ever since I heard his debut Dressed up like Nebraska. And now with his new band The Long Vacations his sound has come full circle. The upcoming album is called The Happiness Waltz and will be out in March on Yep Roc. Despite being a demo this song is rather fleshed out with guitar, percussion, bass…

In The Neighborhood [Download]

New song from forthcoming Chris Stamey record

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Sometimes it seems that my sole job is to extoll the virtues of Chris Stamey. I find him to be a masterful singer, songwriter, producer and musician. On his solo outings he can combine all of these elements into a swirling masterpiece of pop. And that’s exactly what he has done on the first song to be leaked from his forthcoming Feb. 5 Yep Roc record Lovesick Blues.

Musically “Astronomy” is all over the map – perhaps almost astral in it’s scope (that would make sense wouldn’t it?). It bodes well for a record that Stamey says comes “the closest I’ve ever gotten to the sound I hear in my head in the middle of the night,”.

Astronomy [Download]