Mice and Rifles – “Lebe Wohl In Tejas”

It was no surprise to see Sun Volt (along with Johnny Cash, Lead Belly, Carter Family) listed as one of Mice and Rifles biggest influences. But it was also reassuring – reassuring that bands like Sun Volt, Uncle Tupelo and even older country and blues acts like Jimmie Rogers, Carter Family and Lead Belly are not being forgotten by the younger generation of (for lack of a better term) alt-country bands. Mice and Rifles is an Austin based band who made a splash in 2007/8 but then disbanded from 2009-2011. They are back with a new EP called Lebe Wohl In Tejas and they seem better than ever. You can stream the EP here via the band’s Bandcamp page.

Catch the band at their record release show at Stubbs in Austin on December 8.

This Will Begin To Hurt [Download]

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