Mike Tod – “The California Sessions” (Cabin Songs, Jan. 26)

As I was stumbling along in Nick Everett’s eccentric litle musical universe yesterday I came across his folk cooperative label Cabin Songs. It was founded by Tyler Butler and Joe Gurba and has only a couple of records under its belt. Its other new release (besides Nick Everett’s Elsethings) is Mike Tod’s folk album The California Sessions. Mike Tod is a traveling troubadour who for now has parked his caravan outside of Calgary, Alberta. Besides his music he has a radio show on CJSW that is a weekly “discussion of a self-sustaining means of living” as told through texts, poems and song.

“Garden Song” is a cover of David Mallet tune although according to Mike he has reworked it a bit. It is a closely miked folk song that begins with a sigh and the sound of Mike Tod settling into his seat. This is the folk music that I love yet somewhat surprisingly is very difficult to find. You can preorder this Jan. 26 release here now.

Garden Song (Inch By Inch) [Download]

Bonus song from The California Sessions:

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