Something new from Nick Everett & Everybody – “Elsethings” (Cabin Songs, Jan. 26)

Nick Everett made a tiny little stir in the music blog community back in 2011 with the release of 2 eps: Rocky Top and Old Adventure/Love Songs. Alright it was really just me and Herohill (here) who were blown away by his haunting vocals and eclectic musical palette. Think Tom Brousseau meets Luke Temple meets someone slightly weirder. I can’t decide if I like his stuff better simple and stripped down or messy and ugly. And that’s a good problem for an artist to have. Nick Everett is now Nick Everett & Everybody and he plans to have a preorder for the new album up in a couple of days.

Follow him on Facebook to be the first on your block to get this. Here’s a preview of the song “Hold On” from the new record Elsethings and a live mp3/video of a new song that may or may not be on the new record.


Fake Conversations [Download]

Fake Conversations video

NICK EVERETT & EVERYBODY – Fake Conversations from Southern Souls on Vimeo.

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