Tex Smith – “A Wayfarer’s Lament”

It took a comment on Ramsay Midwood’s Facebook page for me to realize there is a new Tex Smith record coming out. It’s been about a year since I wrote about Tex’ last record To A Bird Singing Woe. At the time I was drawn to that record’s pure country sound and little has changed on this new record (though the new one does have a bit more of an slightly gauzzy atmospheric sound). Not to belabor the Ramsy Midwood connection but it seems that he is either playing on the track “There Was A Man” or else Tex has really been influenced by a man he calls “one of my favorite acts in Texas right now” (and I couldn’t agree more). The slightly funky guitar lines of this song simply scream Ramsay Midwood while the country gospel theme of Jesus’ pain and redemption are all his own. As I’ve said before despite being a fairly ardent Atheist I think there is no greater subject for a song than one with religious/spiritual overtones.

The new record is called A Wayfarer’s Lament and is out now and can be picked up at Waterloo Records in Austin or online at CdBaby here.

There Was A Man [Download]

Bonus song, “Come On” from To A Bird Singing Woe

Come On [Download]

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