Pharis and Jason Romero – “Long Gone Out West Blues”

It’s hard for me to find out about all the great new releases out there and I’m constantly looking/listening. Imagine how hard it is for even a very informed active music fan. Now imagine your typical NPR listening, Starbucks swilling suburban mom. I know they’ll never hear any of these great artists but I can try, can’t I?

Pharis and Jason Romero are a duo from the British Columbia town of Horesfly. They share their music and their passion for early country music in their recordings and in their banjo building company. Long Gone Out West Blues is the followup to their 2011 release A Passing Glimpse that I wrote about here.

These guys will get all the press and radio coverage they can handle in the acoustic, bluegrass, folk, and old timey country worlds – now if only we can help spread their music far and wide.

Sad Old Song [Download]

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