Small Houses – “Exactly Where You Wanted To Be” (New record, tour, SXSW)

I sometimes fail to write about releases from Yer Bird but I never fail to listen and have always been impressed by the curatorship of the label. Small Houses is the project of Philadelphia by way of Flint singer-songwriter Jeremy Quentin. A couple of excellent blogs have already done nice reviews/previews of the Feb 26 release of Exactly Where You Wanted To Be. They all focus on the starkness and simplicity of the recording and the songs. I can’t add anything there. They also all link to a song from the record so I’ll avoid doing that too. Instead I have a song from the record that was recorded live at WXPN for Folkadelphia. It’s even simpler and starker if that’s possible. Great to hear every strum, breath, whisper and rasp.

Preorder the new record here and catch the band on the upcoming tour or at SXSW (where I plan to see him).

Oh, Hiding Out [Download]

Bonus track (sort of the title track from the new record)

Our Sweet [Download]

“Our Sweet” Video

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