SXSW Preview – Luke Winslow-King – “The Coming Tide” (Bloodshot, April 23)

Luke Winslow-King is a name that was on the periphery of my musical landscape. On a multiple choice questionaire I’d have been able to pick his name out as the one musician on the list but that’s about it. His music was mostly self-financed and self-released. That’s about to change with the re-release of his 2012 release The Coming Tide on Bloodshot Records. This is a great signing for Bloodshot as LWK is a perfect compliment to label mate Justin Townes Earl. Both have absorbed the New Orleans sound and made it their own. Both are photogenic, young and hip in a good way. And now both are on Bloodshot.

The title track is a good example of LWK combining and smashing genres. You’ll hear gospel, blues and folk on the track below. Bandmate Esther Kings’ vocals are a revelation on this song. Lots more info on Luke Winslow-King on Bloodshot here. Catch him and his band at SXSW at The Bloodshot official showcase Wednesday night at the Continental club.

The Coming Tide

PS You can hear another song from the new record on CMT here.

“The Coming Tide” performed live

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