SXSW Preview – Luke Winslow-King – “The Coming Tide” (Bloodshot, April 23)

Luke Winslow-King is a name that was on the periphery of my musical landscape. On a multiple choice questionaire I’d have been able to pick his name out as the one musician on the list but that’s about it. His music was mostly self-financed and self-released. That’s about to change with the re-release of his 2012 release The Coming Tide on Bloodshot Records. This is a great signing for Bloodshot as LWK is a perfect compliment to label mate Justin Townes Earl. Both have absorbed the New Orleans sound and made it their own. Both are photogenic, young and hip in a good way. And now both are on Bloodshot.

The title track is a good example of LWK combining and smashing genres. You’ll hear gospel, blues and folk on the track below. Bandmate Esther Kings’ vocals are a revelation on this song. Lots more info on Luke Winslow-King on Bloodshot here. Catch him and his band at SXSW at The Bloodshot official showcase Wednesday night at the Continental club.

The Coming Tide [Download]

PS You can hear another song from the new record on CMT here.

“The Coming Tide” performed live

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