SXSW Preview – Emily Bell – “Back To The Way I Was”

If you’re at all like me you had a hard time motivating this morning with the time change and Monday morning blues then you’ll need this as much as I did. The only thing that got me going was the new song from Austin based r&b singer and genre smasher Emily Bell. The fuzzy pulsating music topped off by Emily’s roaring vocals had me tapping my foot and clearing the sleepies from my eyes.

This song is available now along with a b-side from iTunes or from Emily’s website in the form of a 7″ vinyle single (with download card). You can catch Emily Bell at her official SXSW showcase at Creekside at The Hilton Garden on Friday the 15th. The new album In Technicolor is out on May 24th.

Back To The Way I Was [Download]

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