John Moreland – “In The Throes” (Last Chance Records, June 11) (Riyl early Springsteen, Steve Earle)

The fine folks at Nine Bulletts have already covered the new record In The Throes from John Moreland. And their impassioned post will not see its equal here. Although I do have an opinion or two about the music of John Moreland and the malaise of the average music fan.

I’m sure that a comparison to early Bruce Springsteen will not shock John Moreland and company. His songs are honest like Nebraska era Springsteen and his voice has that same slightly husky delivery. The boss obviously has millions of fans but do you think even half of 1 percent is ever going to hear of the music of John Moreland. I’m afraid not. And why is that. I guess you can blame the decline of radio (esp formats suitable for music like this), the unadventurous listener, and tv shows like The Voice that reward stellar vocal performances without any substance (would it kill them to have the artist perform an original song somewhere in the competition).

I don’t know the answer but I’m just glad there are still folks like John Moreland writing songs like these and performing them in dives and juke joints across the country. Preorder the new lp or cd here.

Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore [Download]

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